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  • Just off of South 96th and L Street in Omaha NE

Custom Orthotics at Re-Gen

Custom Orthotics Omaha, NE

Custom Orthotics In Omaha

Custom Orthotics in Omaha is located at Re-Gen Fitness and Recovery just off of South 96th and L Street in Omaha, NE!

Custom orthotics are specifically designed insoles that go in your shoe to alleviate pain. These improve more than just foot pain though; they support the entire body. As we stand, walk, and move through the world, proper alignment of the foot and how your feet impact the ground is crucial in preventing and relieving pain.

Our Custom Orthotics Process:

When you’re ready to experience the difference that individually crafted orthotics can make in your life, the first step is a free scan of your unique feet. Using the metascan technology we capture 150 images per second of your gait while walking. These scans provide an incredibly detailed analysis of where pressure is applied and what corrections need to be made. These scans are then used to design and build custom orthotics that are designed specifically for each foot.

What makes Re-Gen Fitness and Recovery different

While other orthotics providers may pair you with the closest match from a range of pre-made, generic orthotic designs, our process allows us to make completely custom orthotics. Many providers also utilize scans or molds of your feet while standing, missing many biomechanical aspects of your gait. At Re-Gen Fitness and Recovery, we conduct our scans while you walk across a force platform, leading to the most accurate and effective orthotics possible. We are also one of the most affordable places for custom orthotics in Omaha, allowing for the best orthotic at the lowest price!

Whether you’re looking for relief from present issues, want to prevent pain in the future, or would just like to enhance your athletic performance and motor coordination, Re-gen Fitness and Recovery is the place to find the most high-quality, effective, and affordable custom-made orthotics in Omaha.

Custom Orthotics Reviews in Omaha!

“Nice facility great prices!”

- Chris reviewed us on Google

“Highly impressed with the range of services and attention to detail. ”

- Brian reviewed us on Google
Custom Orthotics Reviews Omaha, NE